Terms and conditions


  • Festival tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged for a different event.
  • The loss or theft of the festival ticket is the liability of the buyer and is not subject to replacement or refund.
  • It is forbidden to bring to the grounds professional photography, film or recording equipment, drinks, glass, plastic bottles, cans, drugs, fireworks, weapons, sharp objects or other objects which the organisation considers dangerous. When found these objects will be confiscated by security staff. The organisation may alter or extend this list at any time.
  • Starting fires is strictly prohibited.
  • Entering the festival site implies your agreement with all preventive and monitoring measures taken by the organiser or safety team including potential frisking and bag searches. Failing to comply with these measures will lead to refusal or withdrawal of the right of access.
  • Do not buy your festival ticket on the street; there is a chance that it is a forgery. Only buy your festival tickets from the recognised web addresses.
  • The artists and organisers of the festival cannot be held liable for damages, loss or theft or any accident that may occur.
  • The official sale of t-shirts and souvenirs takes place exclusively on the festival site.
  • Festival tickets may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without the permission of the organiser. In addition, carrying out any commercial or promotional activities on the festival site without the prior permission of the organiser is strictly prohibited.
  • Ticket buyers must comply with the Belgian ‘Act regarding the Sale of Entrance Tickets to Events’ (as published in the Belgian Law Gazette on 30 July 2013).
  • Changes to the programme are no reason for a full or partial refund of the festival ticket. The organiser accepts no responsibility in the case of events beyond its control.
  • As this is an open air event, we point out specific risks for which we decline all responsibility.
  • Anyone copying the festival ticket will be prosecuted by law.
  • The organisers cannot be held responsible for any cases of damage on the campsites because they do not run the campsites.
  • Recordings are made during the festival. It is possible that you will appear on film. By entering the festival grounds you agree to waive your portrait rights.
  • The organiser and/or official ticket distributor reserves the right to verify the identity of the festival-goer.

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